Apimi is a company founded and based in Latvia, created by us - sisters Madara and Ieva. The idea for founding a company of our own came to us by inspiration of our father - beekeeper. Already in early childhood we leared and inherited the love for bees, nature and work from our parents.

  Now we wish to share the fruits that these qualities have created, letting anyone enjoy the wonderful effects substances created by bees can have on ones beauty and wellness.

The main active ingredients in the natural cosmetics produced by Apimi are the  spectacular substances created by bees, mainly - honey, beeswax and propolis. The bee products we use come from apiaries in Piebalga - engulfed by forests, with no agricultural lots nearby, allowing us to obtain only the highest quality ingredients. Apimi products contain and are based upon natural and certified ingredients, and we are continuously working on enriching our product offering.  

 Apimi products are produced with the utmost respect towards nature and care for you - the consumer! When collecting the bee produced substances - no harm is done to the bees and we strive to ensure the best care for them! Our products aren't tested on animals, testing is done in an independent and accredited laboratory.

 Bee inspired - Created by Apimi!

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